Samstag, 3. November 2012

Hair Dye & WriMo-Wisdom

On November 1st, I wrote about 750 words. 

On November 2nd, I rewrote those 750 words: 790 words total on Friday. 990 words total right this moment.

What happened? I was trying to write a hot paranormal romance while all I really had in mind was a YA fantasy novel. And I hate writing stuff that doesn't feel right to my. I have to love what I do or else it will end in the trash.

So, did I just waste 750 words? I could have had a total of 1,740 words! 

No, not a waste at all, because I already learned my first WriMo-lessons:

  • Sometimes characters are more believable if one bisects their age.
  • If it sounds better in present tense, write in present tense.
  • Although a fight scene goes fast, fast, fast, you don't have to write fast. If the fight is only 30 seconds long you still don't have to write it within 30 seconds as well (not even when you're really excited about putting it all to paper).
  • Don't hurry too much. If you put yourself under too much pressure chances are you'll end up hating all you've written before.
I also learned that dark brown hair dye doesn't work for me. I'm still blond. :(

Have you gained any wisdom during the first days of NaNoWriMo? Please share.


  1. I don't participate in the NaNoWriMo, but for good tips and also sharing your journey during November, you might want to look at the blog of "Agent Courtney". Best wishes in whatever hair colour you have.

    1. Thank you, Giora.

      I read Agent Courtney's blog via RSS. It's really good.

      P.S.: My hair is red right now.