Freitag, 28. September 2012

Inspiration: Bentheim Castle (Bad Bentheim, Germany)

Today, I toured the city of Bad Bentheim, Germany, and its castle, Burg Bentheim (English, German, Dutch). I like visiting old castles and fortresses because they always inspire me. 

Bad Bentheim is located in Lower Saxony, Germany, close to the Dutch border. 

Bentheim Castle was build around the year 1020. It's also often called by its Dutch name, Bentheim Kasteel. The castle belongs to the Hereditary Prince Carl Ferdinand of Bentheim and Steinfurt. Part of the castle is a museum now and can be visited. A small part is still inhabited by members of the Princely Family.

Ich habe den heutigen Tag in Bad Bentheim, einem kleinen niedersächsischen Städchen in der Nähe der Grenze zu den Niederlanden, verbracht. Unter anderem besichtigte ich auch Burg Bentheim. Schlösser und Burgen finde ich sehr inspirierend, weshalb ich sie mir immer gern ansehe.

Burg Bentheim wurde um das Jahr 1020 herum gebaut. Sie ist im Besitz von Erbprinz Carl Ferdinand zu Bentheim und Steinfurt. Ein großer Teil der Burg ist heute Museum und kann besichtigt werden, in einem anderen Teil wohnen auch heute noch Angehörige der Grafen von Bentheim und Steinfurt.


  1. That's so fascinating. I love going through castles, too, though there aren't a lot I've seen or know about here in the States. I loved your pictures.

    1. Hi Elisabeth,

      I think the US have many fantastical historical sites and buildings, too.
      There are the old forts at the east coast, for example, or the beautiful mansions in the south.

      I'll be in Hammonton, NJ, from Monday till Tuesday the following week and my better half and I will enjoy visiting all those large cities with their impressing historical background. Washington, Philadelphia, and NYC are all within reach.
      I'll post pictures of what my European eye caught as soon as I can.

  2. What's nice about Germany and Europe is that you have so much history. If someone wants to write an historical fiction, an old catsle like this si a perfect setting.

    1. Hello Giora,

      first, I want to thank you for being not only my first reader, but also the most frequent commenter. Thank you so much, I feel honored by your feedback.

      Yes, Europe's history is very rich, but the other continents have such an interesting historical background, too. Especially the middle eastern/Asian countries had impressive medical skills at a time where Europe still suffered through the "Dark Ages" and medical skills (esp. surgical skills) were considered to be practiced by the Devil's followers.